Risk Based Approach

Subject: Risk Based Approach
Date: Thursday 5 & Friday 6 November 2020 – 15:00 to 18:00
Venue: ONLINE via ZOOM
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Details: Modern organisations, in order to be more competitive and successful in their industries, need to accept additional risks. Read More


Seminar Description

Modern organisations, in order to be more competitive and successful in their industries, need to accept additional risks. This implies that expectations from Internal Audit are also rising. Our assurance and consultancy services are required and have been recognised as added value in helping organisations achieve goals and objectives within their risk appetite environment. In order to provide additional services to the organization/company and, following the Three Lines Model, Internal Auditors need to understand how the Risk Functions of their organizations/companies assess and manage risks, thus being able to properly
audit them.

This seminar will present a full analysis of how a risk function works, delivering the risk appetite and risk tolerance of an organization/company, whilst at the same time the Internal Auditor needs a method to be able to assess the risks in his/her organization/company in the absence of a Risk Management Department. This method is called the “Risk Assessment – a practical example.”


Mr. Loizos Andreas Hajiloizos (BSc., CIA, FCCA, CFE, CRMA) is a Director of Corporate Services and the Group CFO of Windsor Brokers.

Mr. Hajiloizos is a Fellow of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), holding also the additional professional qualifications of Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Risk Management Assurer (CRMA). He has a Joint Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Accountancy from the City University (London). He has more than 25 years of professional experience (15 of these as a CAE) in the fields of Internal Audit and Risk Management. He has worked in numerous International organisations in Cyprus and overseas in the last 25 years, dealing with Internal Audit, Fraud investigations, Risk Management, and Corporate Governance, in the following industries: Insurance & Re-insurance, Banks, Hotels, Real Estate, Cement manufacturing, Industrial Laundries, Quarries and Investment firms.

He has been teaching extensively (almost 20 years) on the following areas: Best Practices of an Internal Audit Department and methodologies, Risk Management, Fraud Investigations, Establishment of Quality Reviews for an Internal Audit Department, Corporate Governance structures, Communication techniques and skills, Interviewing / Fraud interviewing techniques, Leadership skills, Conflicts and Anger Management in the Office, Negotiation skills, Professional Body Language techniques and skills, and Improvement Techniques for the enhancement of Presentations and presenters’ skills for delivering more effective presentations.