Fraud Awareness

Subject: “Fraud Awareness”
Date: Thursday 3 June 2021
Time: 10:00-13:00 & 14:00-17:00
Venue: ONLINE via ZOOM
Language: English
CPE Points (Continuous Professional Education): 6 CPEs
Instructor: Ms Chrystalla Kazara (BBA, MBA, AIA, ACCA, CFE)
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Details: This seminar is addressed to new and experienced Internal Auditors or Internal Audit Consultants, as well as to business executives … Read More



Target Audience

This seminar is primarily addressed to Internal Auditors (of both public and private sectors), external
auditors, accountants, lawyers, risk management professionals, compliance officers, chief financial
officers, financial controllers and directors / chief executive officers.


Primary objectives

The rapid and continuous evolution of technology gave the opportunity to potential perpetrators of fraud
to discover new methods and made detection even more difficult. Consequently, all organizations,
irrespective of business sector, are nowadays more susceptible to fraudulent acts and there is an
increased need for enhancing fraud awareness in organizations. This seminar will address all the above
issues and more specifically, what constitutes fraud, who can perpetrate fraud, the reasons behind
fraudulent acts, possible impacts of fraud on organizations and ways to identify fraud. In addition, the
seminar will outline and explain, through discussion and practical examples, the three main types of
Occupational Fraud (Corruption, Asset Misappropriation, Financial Statement Fraud).
The participants of the seminar will be equipped with significant knowledge of fraud issues, as described
above, they will be in a position and have the competency to identify potential incidents of fraud within
their organization thus protecting the company from adverse consequences and financial losses.
Furthermore, all attendees will benefit from the various real cases which will be analysed throughout the
seminar and obtain practical knowledge as the cases to be used will cover a variety of industries for
example banking, insurance, trading and health care sectors.


Chrystalla Kazara (BBA, MBA, AIA, ACCA, CFE)
Chrystalla is a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, an MBA from CIIM and a
Banking Certificate from the American Bankers Association. She is a Chartered Certified
Accountant (ACCA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), member of the Board of Directors and
Training Director of ACFE Cyprus and member of ACFE Global. She is also a member of ICPAC, of
the Cyprus Institute of Internal Auditors and of ISACA Cyprus Chapter. She has 20 years of
experience in the Banking sector, in two of the largest financial institutions in Cyprus, and has
also experience in the Corporate Services sector. Her expertise mainly focuses in Risk
Management, Regulatory Compliance/AML, Corporate Governance, Internal Audit, Fraud Risk
Management and Fraud Investigations. Currently, she is the Head-Internal Audit Function of a
private company, a corporate trainer of Professional Development courses and an Internal
Audit/Fraud Investigations Consultant.