Virtual Seminar – Fraud Monitoring

Subject: “Transaction Monitoring”
Date: Wednesday, 05 April 2023
Time: 11:00 to 13:00
Venue: ONLINE via ZOOM
Language: English
CPE Points (Continuous Professional Education): 2 CPEs
Instructor: Avraam Demetriou (CAMS, AML, MLCO, CySEC)
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Details: Transaction Monitoring is a Regulatory requirement and aims the countering of ML, TF,
Fraud, Tax evasion … Read More



Target Audience

This seminar is primarily addressed to Internal Auditors (both public and private
sectors), external auditors, accountants, risk management professionals, all members of
staff dealing with customers, both onboarding and Relation Managements (RMs).


Primary objectives

Transaction Monitoring is a Regulatory requirement and aims the countering of ML, TF,
Fraud, Tax evasion and any illicit activity that would be permitted otherwise. The
objective of the webinar is to provide a thorough view and approach to the risks
involved, either towards above threads or even sanctions. The topic is very broad but
quite easy to understand and it includes day to day operations, experiences etc. The
course will provide knowledge and techniques how to screen and monitor transactions
in order to mitigate risks involved both for ourselves but also for the organization we
work for.



Avraam Demetriou (CAMS) is an HRDA approved trainer and has devoted his
practicing Compliance the last 20 plus years. He is a former Head of Monitoring in
Hellenic Bank, a Unit initially created by Avraam in 2018, including 29 members of staff,
engaged in transaction and payments monitoring, including sanctions and maritime
screening, property foreign investments due diligence and special projects. Avraam
introduced monitoring systems specializing in maritime sanctions currently used by
banks, EMIs, and shipping companies for countering sanctions evasions. Previously
Avraam has been the manager of a newly created Unit within the International Sector of
the Bank, Customer Risk Assessment Unit (CRAU) again created by Avraam with 50
members of staff dealing with the customer reviews.
Avraam is considered an expert in Transaction and Maritime Monitoring Sanctions, AML
specialist having worked in Bank’s Compliance Unit as Head of Regulatory Framework
and on AML special projects. Having passed the ACAMS examinations in 2015 he is
one of the founding members of ACAMS Cyprus Chapter. Being an active Compliance
specialist, in 2017 was recommended and took part in the preparation ACAMS exams
Graduate of NYIT and NYCTC in business management found an interest in the bank,
where he decided to move on after a long service in November 2022.